Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It's been my first week in England! It has been #smashing! It's been very difficult but I have learned so much and have had a blast getting to know all the missionaries!! My roommates are Sisters Duggan-Jones (who is my companion and she is from Northampton in England), Sister Taylor, and Wiborny (Veeborny). Sister Taylor is from Oregon and Sister Wiborny is from Frankfurt, Germany. They are both German speaking missionaries. Both hilarious! There are ten sisters in the MTC and we are getting two more today or tomorrow. All the girls are either going to Germany or Manchester. All the boys are going to Leeds or Germany except about two elders. The two elders I flew with from Salt Lake are Elder Price and Elder Taylor and they are both in my district! 

We went to the temple this morning and took some pictures! The pictures of me and Sister Duggan-Jones and a bunch of Elders is the district picture. Just boys are the elders in my district. The four girls are the roommates and the big group of girls is all the sisters. The temple was beautiful!

It's been very sunny this week so I guess England is very excited to have me here! haha Everyone is from all over! We have a sister and two elders from France, an elder from Brazil, a lot are from Germany, and most are from the U.S., there are a few locals and then a few sprinkled around the world. There is one elder going to the Netherlands then everyone else is going to Manchester, Leeds or one of the German missions. I have a teacher from Scotland and she went to the Salt Lake Temple Square mission. I love her accent! It's the best!
I love it here and it is crazy to think that a week from tomorrow I'll be out in the field! We go out to talk to real people tomorrow and I'm so nervous. I always forget something about how we are supposed to teach and I'll probably get so nervous and just ask them to get baptized. And if they say no I'll just start bawling! Just kidding, but it's scary!

England is beautiful but cold! I love everyone’s accents even though lots of the missionaries don't have one. The food is really good and healthy, which is a surprising mix. I haven't been too homesick! But I still miss you all and love you so much! I'll try to take more pictures! I loved the little notes you left in my journal and I got your letters (mom & dad)! I might have gotten a little teary after reading everything but it's good.
Love you, Sister Christensen (the second)

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