Monday, October 27, 2014

It Just Got Rhyl!
New Companion...Sister Madsen

Hiya/ Greetings from Wales. I already know some Welsh!
Bora da- Good morning
Nosta- Good evening
Iesu Grist- Jesus Christ
Sid y hie- how are you
and I got a welsh name badge! Well, I ordered it. I don't have it yet but it's coming. It was funny because we went to Stake conference yesterday and a man came up to Sister Madsen and me and gave us beef for having English name badges whilst serving in Wales. Cheeky. Just kidding, the Welsh people are so nice! I have never felt more welcome in a ward. The Ward Mission Leaders wife came up to me and just hugged me and said, "I already like you!" Sister Madsen and I have been friends since she came in the mission so she told the ward about me before I came and I guess they liked what they heard! 
We have had such a blast already! We went to the adult session of stake conference on Saturday in Chester, straight from Transfer Meeting. That was really fun. There wasn't enough room in the chapel, so the missionaries went to a classroom and watched it on a tele. We hadn't had tea either and a member brought us food so we were all eating and listening to the talks. President Ulrich talked and asked all the missionaries to stand up so Elder MacMeikan stood up and just ran in there and we all followed like we were going to battle. It was hilarious and so fun.
We went to Stake Conference the next day in Rhyl and that was really good as well. There was a girl who was home temporarily from the Czech Slovakia mission and she talked about how they were getting signatures from people to make our church legally recognized in the country. There was an elder who had been serving for about 6 weeks and couldn't understand the language at all. he dedicated his whole morning study to just be able to say, "I believe in God, the eternal Father, in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost." That is all he knew how to say but he got twice as many signatures than everyone else. I just love that story! We may feel weak and inadequate but Heavenly Father knows how to use those weaknesses and make them strengths.
I kind of said this before but the members here are amazing! I've loved the members in my last two areas but just everyone is so nice! Wales is to England what Canada is to America, They get made fun of but their still known as being super nice. Wales is beautiful and the people are great. We are going to go to a waterfall later today. A waterfall! This transfer is going to be so fun, I can't wait! I love love love Sister Madsen and we are going to "take out the trash" in Rhyl. ( shout out to my brother Andrew, who just got home from his mission)
I love you all so much! Hope you have a splendid week!

Much Love, Sister Christensen
Family Home Evening at Sister OKanes

Sister Christensen with her Trainer Sister Hansen and Sister Hansen's new Trainee..a new Sister Missionary who converted a little over a year ago from the Massachusetts Boston Mission!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Farewell to Stafford…Hello Wales

This week has been pretty crazy. We had a miracle on Monday, music on Friday, and we got transfer calls on Saturday.
Beautiful Tree we pass by each day
So Monday, we met a man last transfer who seemed very interested. We called by him and got a return appointment. He says he is not religious but it is a conversation that has been coming up with his wife and he said he would let his children decide for themselves about religion. He invited us back for tonight to learn more, so we're on the right track!
Dad will be proud to know that I used my violin teaching a lesson! We didn't know how to teach one of our investigators because she's not really a traditional investigator where we go in, teach the lesson, then leave. She usually just tells her everything that has been going on in her life and she expects us to give her spiritual guidance. We just teach a little section of a lesson and apply it to her. She needs to take it slower, little by little. We found out that she likes music and we thought we would teach her through the hymns! We sang Abide With Me, Where Can I Turn for Peace, and Have I Done Any Good. It was great to see the spirit work with her through music. She is very sensitive to the spirit and always acknowledges God in her life. So that was amazing.
Cutest Family...The Sherrard's
Sister Sika and I are whitewashing out of Stafford. Two Elders are replacing us and one of them is training a new missionary! So that will be exciting. Sister Sika is going to St. Helens which is close to Liverpool and serving with Sister Fetuli who is also Tongan! I will be going to Rhyl in Northern Wales, right on the coast! I cannot wait! It will be so cold but I've never lived by the sea before! I'll be serving with Sister Madsen. I met her when she first came into the mission and we're already good friends so I am so excited to get to serve with her! I love Stafford and will miss the people here terribly but the I know that the Lord sends us to where we need to be and I'm grateful for the time I've had to serve here. That is pretty much it for the week, it looks like everyone had fun in Moab! So jealous, but I love you all and hope you have a stellar week!

Love, Sister Christensen :)

Monday, October 13, 2014


You know what I love? I love that when you look back over your life or experiences (like serving a mission) and over time you just forget the bad things and only remember the good. Like, I have received emails from people telling me how much they miss me but if I was with them, they would tell me how annoying and weird and obnoxious I am. I can only remember the times I always got on with my brothers and sisters. I knew that we fought but I remember more specifically when we didn't.

I love being on a mission. Hard things happen everyday, all the time but you look back over the day or week or month or year and you can only remember the miracles you've seen, the spirit you felt, and how you've changed for the better. I think it is a natural thing to just be happy. I think the people who are miserable and don't want to talk to missionaries have to work really hard to stay that way. Maybe it's just me but I'll be upset and then I'll remember something funny and I won't be upset anymore. Sister Sika thinks I'm crazy because sometimes I'll just giggle to myself when that happens.

Exchanges with Sister Taylor
I studied a talk by Elder Christofferson this morning entitled "Justification and Sanctification". In his talk he says, "Righteousness (or obedience) leads to happiness and sin leads to misery." It is that simple and that easy. Just do what Heavenly Father tells you to do and you'll be happy. He is our loving Father in heaven and he would never ask us to do something that he didn't know would make us happy. He has done so much for us already to show his love. Elder Christofferson later states that we have access to the atonement, it has been given to us, we just need to CHOOSE to accept it. He quoted something that said roughly, "if someone gives you a good gift and you don't receive it, then it is no good to you or the person who has given it." The Atonement is a great gift that has been given to us and we need to use it everyday and it will take away our griefs and sorrows, so that both we and the giver of the gift can rejoice together.
I love you all and hope you see many miracles this week!

Love, Sister Christensen

Before haircut
after haircut
Thank you Sister Taylor

Monday, October 6, 2014

Quoting Amelia: #General Conference is Life

District Meeting

This week was a week of miracles. I went on exchange last week and I felt like a really didn't live up to my own expectations. I feel like I really have been lacking when it has come to travel contacting (talking to people whilst traveling or whilst out of my area). So we took the train to District Meeting last Tuesday and I talked to a woman from my old area! She was very nice and conversational. Even though she wasn't interested in religion, it was kind of a little note to me that I really do like talking to people and I just need to open my mouth and the Spirit will fill it for me. I don't have to be afraid to reach out a little bit.
We also did some finding this week and had an amazing lesson on the spot with a woman named Susan, who was a Jehovah Witness. So she wasn't interested either but she was willing to speak with us and she shared her conversion story and we bore our testimonies with her and we were very unified for that short while. It was a unique experience.
And....Conference! We went up to Newcastle-Under-Lyme for General Conference and went out on the town for an hour between sessions. A recent convert from the Newcastle Stake came with us and she stopped a man named Dan who we were able to teach and then invited him to come up to the chapel and watch the last session of conference with us. (It was the Sunday morning session but in England it airs at 5 pm so it was the last session shown at the chapel.) He came and he said he liked it! He is very opened minded and said he might come to church but not sure if he wanted to be visited by missionaries right then.

I just love conference! Sister Sika could tell you how excited it makes me :) I love how the main themes seemed to be: Having a testimony, Repenting, Keeping the Commandments, and of course the atonement is in all the talks. I love the Gospel, it truly blesses families. I know we have a living prophet today and he leads and guides this church. I love you all! The church is true! 

Love, Sister Christensen