Monday, October 27, 2014

It Just Got Rhyl!
New Companion...Sister Madsen

Hiya/ Greetings from Wales. I already know some Welsh!
Bora da- Good morning
Nosta- Good evening
Iesu Grist- Jesus Christ
Sid y hie- how are you
and I got a welsh name badge! Well, I ordered it. I don't have it yet but it's coming. It was funny because we went to Stake conference yesterday and a man came up to Sister Madsen and me and gave us beef for having English name badges whilst serving in Wales. Cheeky. Just kidding, the Welsh people are so nice! I have never felt more welcome in a ward. The Ward Mission Leaders wife came up to me and just hugged me and said, "I already like you!" Sister Madsen and I have been friends since she came in the mission so she told the ward about me before I came and I guess they liked what they heard! 
We have had such a blast already! We went to the adult session of stake conference on Saturday in Chester, straight from Transfer Meeting. That was really fun. There wasn't enough room in the chapel, so the missionaries went to a classroom and watched it on a tele. We hadn't had tea either and a member brought us food so we were all eating and listening to the talks. President Ulrich talked and asked all the missionaries to stand up so Elder MacMeikan stood up and just ran in there and we all followed like we were going to battle. It was hilarious and so fun.
We went to Stake Conference the next day in Rhyl and that was really good as well. There was a girl who was home temporarily from the Czech Slovakia mission and she talked about how they were getting signatures from people to make our church legally recognized in the country. There was an elder who had been serving for about 6 weeks and couldn't understand the language at all. he dedicated his whole morning study to just be able to say, "I believe in God, the eternal Father, in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost." That is all he knew how to say but he got twice as many signatures than everyone else. I just love that story! We may feel weak and inadequate but Heavenly Father knows how to use those weaknesses and make them strengths.
I kind of said this before but the members here are amazing! I've loved the members in my last two areas but just everyone is so nice! Wales is to England what Canada is to America, They get made fun of but their still known as being super nice. Wales is beautiful and the people are great. We are going to go to a waterfall later today. A waterfall! This transfer is going to be so fun, I can't wait! I love love love Sister Madsen and we are going to "take out the trash" in Rhyl. ( shout out to my brother Andrew, who just got home from his mission)
I love you all so much! Hope you have a splendid week!

Much Love, Sister Christensen
Family Home Evening at Sister OKanes

Sister Christensen with her Trainer Sister Hansen and Sister Hansen's new Trainee..a new Sister Missionary who converted a little over a year ago from the Massachusetts Boston Mission!

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