Monday, August 31, 2015

Sleepless in Swinton
Beautiful English Sunset
This week has gone by quick! We went to the university museum in
Piccadilly, in Manchester last Monday, so that was really fun. I
talked to my district leader and one of the other sisters about deep
doctrine and people from the Pacific Islands because there was a
special exhibit on about Easter Island.

The next day we had a meeting that went a bit late so we had to move
one of our appointments. It was okay though. The meeting was really
good. We talked about purifying our desires and becoming more
Christlike. We watched a video of President Eyring speaking and I
loved what he said. He said that when we are facing something hard or
feel like our trials never end, to remember the Saviour. I've had the
opportunity to try this and it works! I immediately feel comforted and
that I am not alone in my trials. God is never far from us.

Our investigators are doing really well as well. We are teaching two
families and one came to church on Sunday! One of the girls came for
the first time but the other two it was their third time! They love
the Book of Mormon and they pray everyday. They love church and youth
and they are starting the recognise the spirit on their own. It is so
beautiful to see people become more happy as they discover the gospel
and love the way it makes them feel!
I love you all and hope you have a great week! I hope everyone is
enjoying their first week back at school :)
Love, Sister Christensen

So Tired!  Some days are just like this...

Monday, August 24, 2015


It has been quite rainy this week, but we're in England so what can
you expect? It actually got up to 80 degrees F.
it was so warm!
The highlight of the week: quite a few things actually.
We went up to Preston and I got to see J and her family!
She was baptised and it was probably the most beautiful service I've
been to on my mission. The Spirit was incredible. I really feel like
sister Madsen and I knew J before this life and we promised that we
would help her find the truth. Words cannot describe the love I feel
for their family.

J's baptismWe called by a less active woman who lives near us and she
invited us in and allowed us to share a scripture message with her. It
was actually pretty miraculous how the spirit was there almost
immediately. It touched our hearts and no doubt touched hers as well.
That was a tender mercy and really nice because we haven't been able
to visit many less active members in the area.

We went to a tea appointment and it was pouring rain and our shoes were soaked through.  The members gave us slippers to wear.  Sister Oli's were normal, but this is what I got.  They thought they were so funny so they wanted me to keep them.
This next one is actually kind of funny. We went up to a place called
Worsley and were calling by someone when a member approached us, so to
speak. We were crossing the road and a car was coming, so we stopped.
They stopped and motioned us across. We started walking  and I waved
to say thank you and the driver honked at us and rudely gestured for
us to hurry. I was appalled and thought that was so rude! He then
yelled out of the car, "those Mormons! Always getting in the way!"
Then I was like, "wait a minute.." I have only been here for a couple
of weeks so I haven't met everyone yet, but I concluded through
deduction that this man was a cheeky Englishman and member of our
church that was just pulling our leg.

He then pulled over and started talking to us and told us to call by
pretty much everyone he knew in the neighbouring streets. I think we
contacted 6 referrals in the space of an hour. He also suggested that
we tract a specific street, so we did and we found a few people but
particularly a family! They are not Christian but have a religious
background. We taught them about the godhead and prayer and one of
their friends that was there when we visited was very receptive to the
spirit and loved when we said the two prayers. And the member offered
to give them a lift if they are interested in coming to church. Boom!
We have another family that we are teaching and they've come to church
for the last two weeks, so things are looking good! They both prayed
for the first time yesterday and the boy said, "please bless us that
we can continue to have these meetings because I really like it..."
(Meaning the missionary discussions) They are still a little insecure
but they are so sincere in their prayers and in Reading the Book of
Mormon. They are so good and sister Oli and I think they are the
biggest miracle for the Swinton area this transfer.
Such a good week! I love you all and hope your week is good as well
and everyone is excited for starting school again!
Love, sister Christensen

I fell up the stairs getting on the bus...I keep damaging the same knee!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

District Meeting
 We have had  wonderful week! I'll just go through the days:
Tuesday: we were calling by less active members and tracting in the
area and were invited into two homes of two families. One family is
from the Republic of the Congo and the other is from an island In the
Indian Ocean. Two miracles just like that! In the words of sister oli:

Thursday: we get off the bus and a woman is waiting for the next bus
and keeps smiling at us but we start to walk away toward the home we
are calling by but I felt a strong impression to go back and speak
with her. She is atheist but wants to know if God is there. We gave
her our number but the bus came and we didn't get her number or her
address but she said she would text us. I thought that was going to be
it but sure enough, five minutes later we got a text from her saying
that she was really grateful that we spoke to her and she wants to
meet again. The address we originally were going to call by doesn't
Beautiful view
Friday: this day was really rainy and cloudy and miserable and I had
an attitude to match. All of our appointments had fallen through, even
our tea appointment, and I just wasn't having any of it. It wasn't
until later in the day that I was sick of myself and decided to say a
prayer for forgiveness and repent. We didn't get any new investigators
or anything like that but people were friendly and we laughed on the
door steps of friendly strangers. it was really funny, we got four
referrals right in a row because people would say, " I'm not
interested but you could try joe over there, he might be!" Good
neighbours looking out for each other.
Hugging the milk on the bus..or bringing it home from the Market...Love Sister Miller
Saturday: was amazing. Our tea appointment didn't fall through! That's
it. Just kidding! We went by two potential investigators and we got
into both homes! They are so receptive and invited us back! Sister oli
found both of them on the bus and one didn't speak hardly any English.
When we went by to her home, we taught her son and granddaughter and
they translated to her. The son and granddaughter came to church
yesterday and even though it was really different and new, they still
are interested in learning more! That is probably my favourite miracle
of the week.
Sunday: we had the two investigators come to church :) had an
appointment with another potential and she has such a strong faith in
Christ but is so open minded to other faiths. She wants to read to
Book of Mormon because she is constantly looking for ways to learn
more about her Saviour. She's not naive about it though, she is very
intelligent and recognises and follows the Spirit in all that she
We've seen lots of success this week, it has been great! I love sister
oli and we are having a blast together!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love, Sister Christensen
P.s. The son of one of the members (he's 6) was telling us about a
collection of superman DVDs his neighbour loaned to them and he said,
"we've only watched one of the [films] but so far it is my favourite."
It was so cute and funny.
Sorry the funny things are short, I never write stuff down and sister
Madsen was good at making a list of things.
Love you all!
Sister Christensen

Monday, August 10, 2015


This week has been a mix of emotions but I have been refreshed by the new start and excited to do missionary work!! I am now with Sister Oli. She is so good. She is always making me food and telling me how beautiful I am.

Moving day

the drive to Swinton

 Since transfers on Wednesday, we have had so many miracles. First off, we went to get my bus pass for the month (I know, I have to ride the bus again) and we were on our way back to do planning and this man stopped us in the street and asked if we were from the Latter-Day Saints. We said yes and he then gave us some of the usual questions people ask (why do bad things happen? if there is a god, then bad things wouldn't happen..etc.) but he also expressed a strong desire to know if there was a god and wanted to come to our church. Unfortunately, because Manchester is such a big place, he lives in a different area than where we cover. The Ashton missionaries are very lucky to receive our miracle! So we got his details and informed him that the other missionaries would be getting in contact with him in the next couple of days.
My posterity: I trained Sister Lever and Sister Sika.
 Sister Lever trained Sister Larsen and the blonde sister from Denmark
Second, we were doing our weekly planning and we get a phone call and it is a less active member calling asking for a visit from the missionaries. He has been less active for 15 years and had our number for 3 years and one day just felt like he really needed to call us. He has faced a lot of hardship recently within his family and wanted answers. We went and visited him and he told us that he knew that what we were sharing is true and he knows it is true but doesn't know how to change. We are going to see him again this week and hopefully we'll be able to help him.
We are off to a good start and meet many people every day! The ward was really welcoming yesterday and there are actually a lot of Americans in this ward. I love talking to people on the buses and walking places. I have a chance of losing weight before I go home! haha..probably not.
I am learning so much from Sister Oli. She is not only teaching me about the people and how to work the area but she is teaching me about faith, patience, diligence, and making the best of what is left. I love her and I know that God has sent her to me for my last transfer. I could not have picked a better way to spend my last transfer if I had picked it myself! Everyday I am excited to do missionary work and every night I am exhausted but happy.
I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Love, Sister Christensen

Jane and her family took us to see graves sites in Leyland

Just a few of the lines Sister Oli has said: 
"If you catch me staring, just let me look at your face." 
"You have caught my attraction." 
"Partington." "Parkington?" "No, Partington" "Parrington?" "No! Partington! like fart!" Oh... I promise that I won't make that mistake again...
"I miss you today but more tomorrow...BOOM!" haha
"That brother is always making sarcastic jokes. He needs to repent."
haha I LOVE having a foreign companion! She is so funny, so small, and so full of energy!

love you all! have a great week!

Mug I found in my new flat! I get to bring it home:)

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Ward Family (that is their actual surname:))

I received a very surprising phone call last Saturday that informed me that I would be released as a Sister Training Leader and be transferred to Swinton in Manchester for my last 6 weeks as a missionary. At first I was confused and really surprised but now I am so excited and can't wait for the change!
with Christine O'Donovan
I will be serving with Sister Oli from the Philippines! My first companion that hasn't spoken English as their first language! I'll get to do language study! I've never met her before but Sister Madsen assures me that she is a very sweet sister and I'm lucky to have her for my last transfer.
I'm knot a blonde! I'm knot, I'm knot, I'm knot!
So besides packing like crazy and losing random belongings in the uproar, we have had a wonderful week here in South Ribble! We met a Filipino family last week and taught them the restoration! We brought a member with us and when we came out of the lesson the member said that she loved them and they were so kind and lovely. They are! The mum is gorgeous, kind, and really honest and straightforward. Those kind of people are the easiest the teach so I am so grateful! She is so busy though, so we can not meet with her as often as we wish but her whole family are so good and I do not doubt that they will be baptised.
We had two investigators come to the fireside we had last night! It was so fun to have them and they both enjoyed it so much! We have a fireside the first Sunday of every month in Manchester where people who have recently joined the church speak and share their testimonies. S and J loved them all and definitely felt the Spirit. S is so good because he had his back done and was really uncomfortable throughout the meeting but just put up with it! J is so funny. one man got baptised after 18 days of meeting the missionaries and she said, "I'll get baptised in two weeks! just don't tell my mum!" (she's 34) haha she is hilarious!

Last District Meeting
I have loved being in South Ribble. It has been so fun and definitely a place of special memories. When the ward found out that I was leaving, they all came up to me and hugged me and said it was a shame that I was leaving. (They all expected me to stay because Sister Madsen has been here for 6 months and me for only 3 months.) They said things like, "this is the end of an era. You will surely be missed." I felt like I made such close friends here and am sad to go. 
Hedgehogs at Rachael's
I know that the Plan of Salvation is real! I know that we can all see those we love again! I know Heavenly Father loves us, that is why he sent His Son, to be our Saviour so we can be restored to His presence as we keep the commandments and our covenants.
I love you all and hope you have a brilliant week!
Love, Sister Christensen
My cute study
Sister M loves ducks

Trunky planner I made for Sister M

This sums up my relationship with Sister M:)

For Funnies:
two funny things from this week were that S was showing us some martial art thing and the man said, "take your enemy by the hand...and defeat him!" Sister Madsen and I were like...what? haha

and something kind of embarrassing: at church a man came to test the alarms (I don't know why, because it was a Sunday) and we all had to go outside after sacrament meeting and I was walking back in and tripped on the drain on the path and scraped both my knees. (right on my scar from the motor crash!) The ward mission leader made a joke saying, "at least she's leaving us with a little blood! We still have some of her blood to remember her by! he's a cheeky man