Monday, August 10, 2015


This week has been a mix of emotions but I have been refreshed by the new start and excited to do missionary work!! I am now with Sister Oli. She is so good. She is always making me food and telling me how beautiful I am.

Moving day

the drive to Swinton

 Since transfers on Wednesday, we have had so many miracles. First off, we went to get my bus pass for the month (I know, I have to ride the bus again) and we were on our way back to do planning and this man stopped us in the street and asked if we were from the Latter-Day Saints. We said yes and he then gave us some of the usual questions people ask (why do bad things happen? if there is a god, then bad things wouldn't happen..etc.) but he also expressed a strong desire to know if there was a god and wanted to come to our church. Unfortunately, because Manchester is such a big place, he lives in a different area than where we cover. The Ashton missionaries are very lucky to receive our miracle! So we got his details and informed him that the other missionaries would be getting in contact with him in the next couple of days.
My posterity: I trained Sister Lever and Sister Sika.
 Sister Lever trained Sister Larsen and the blonde sister from Denmark
Second, we were doing our weekly planning and we get a phone call and it is a less active member calling asking for a visit from the missionaries. He has been less active for 15 years and had our number for 3 years and one day just felt like he really needed to call us. He has faced a lot of hardship recently within his family and wanted answers. We went and visited him and he told us that he knew that what we were sharing is true and he knows it is true but doesn't know how to change. We are going to see him again this week and hopefully we'll be able to help him.
We are off to a good start and meet many people every day! The ward was really welcoming yesterday and there are actually a lot of Americans in this ward. I love talking to people on the buses and walking places. I have a chance of losing weight before I go home! haha..probably not.
I am learning so much from Sister Oli. She is not only teaching me about the people and how to work the area but she is teaching me about faith, patience, diligence, and making the best of what is left. I love her and I know that God has sent her to me for my last transfer. I could not have picked a better way to spend my last transfer if I had picked it myself! Everyday I am excited to do missionary work and every night I am exhausted but happy.
I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Love, Sister Christensen

Jane and her family took us to see graves sites in Leyland

Just a few of the lines Sister Oli has said: 
"If you catch me staring, just let me look at your face." 
"You have caught my attraction." 
"Partington." "Parkington?" "No, Partington" "Parrington?" "No! Partington! like fart!" Oh... I promise that I won't make that mistake again...
"I miss you today but more tomorrow...BOOM!" haha
"That brother is always making sarcastic jokes. He needs to repent."
haha I LOVE having a foreign companion! She is so funny, so small, and so full of energy!

love you all! have a great week!

Mug I found in my new flat! I get to bring it home:)

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