Monday, August 3, 2015

The Ward Family (that is their actual surname:))

I received a very surprising phone call last Saturday that informed me that I would be released as a Sister Training Leader and be transferred to Swinton in Manchester for my last 6 weeks as a missionary. At first I was confused and really surprised but now I am so excited and can't wait for the change!
with Christine O'Donovan
I will be serving with Sister Oli from the Philippines! My first companion that hasn't spoken English as their first language! I'll get to do language study! I've never met her before but Sister Madsen assures me that she is a very sweet sister and I'm lucky to have her for my last transfer.
I'm knot a blonde! I'm knot, I'm knot, I'm knot!
So besides packing like crazy and losing random belongings in the uproar, we have had a wonderful week here in South Ribble! We met a Filipino family last week and taught them the restoration! We brought a member with us and when we came out of the lesson the member said that she loved them and they were so kind and lovely. They are! The mum is gorgeous, kind, and really honest and straightforward. Those kind of people are the easiest the teach so I am so grateful! She is so busy though, so we can not meet with her as often as we wish but her whole family are so good and I do not doubt that they will be baptised.
We had two investigators come to the fireside we had last night! It was so fun to have them and they both enjoyed it so much! We have a fireside the first Sunday of every month in Manchester where people who have recently joined the church speak and share their testimonies. S and J loved them all and definitely felt the Spirit. S is so good because he had his back done and was really uncomfortable throughout the meeting but just put up with it! J is so funny. one man got baptised after 18 days of meeting the missionaries and she said, "I'll get baptised in two weeks! just don't tell my mum!" (she's 34) haha she is hilarious!

Last District Meeting
I have loved being in South Ribble. It has been so fun and definitely a place of special memories. When the ward found out that I was leaving, they all came up to me and hugged me and said it was a shame that I was leaving. (They all expected me to stay because Sister Madsen has been here for 6 months and me for only 3 months.) They said things like, "this is the end of an era. You will surely be missed." I felt like I made such close friends here and am sad to go. 
Hedgehogs at Rachael's
I know that the Plan of Salvation is real! I know that we can all see those we love again! I know Heavenly Father loves us, that is why he sent His Son, to be our Saviour so we can be restored to His presence as we keep the commandments and our covenants.
I love you all and hope you have a brilliant week!
Love, Sister Christensen
My cute study
Sister M loves ducks

Trunky planner I made for Sister M

This sums up my relationship with Sister M:)

For Funnies:
two funny things from this week were that S was showing us some martial art thing and the man said, "take your enemy by the hand...and defeat him!" Sister Madsen and I were like...what? haha

and something kind of embarrassing: at church a man came to test the alarms (I don't know why, because it was a Sunday) and we all had to go outside after sacrament meeting and I was walking back in and tripped on the drain on the path and scraped both my knees. (right on my scar from the motor crash!) The ward mission leader made a joke saying, "at least she's leaving us with a little blood! We still have some of her blood to remember her by! he's a cheeky man

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