Monday, August 24, 2015


It has been quite rainy this week, but we're in England so what can
you expect? It actually got up to 80 degrees F.
it was so warm!
The highlight of the week: quite a few things actually.
We went up to Preston and I got to see J and her family!
She was baptised and it was probably the most beautiful service I've
been to on my mission. The Spirit was incredible. I really feel like
sister Madsen and I knew J before this life and we promised that we
would help her find the truth. Words cannot describe the love I feel
for their family.

J's baptismWe called by a less active woman who lives near us and she
invited us in and allowed us to share a scripture message with her. It
was actually pretty miraculous how the spirit was there almost
immediately. It touched our hearts and no doubt touched hers as well.
That was a tender mercy and really nice because we haven't been able
to visit many less active members in the area.

We went to a tea appointment and it was pouring rain and our shoes were soaked through.  The members gave us slippers to wear.  Sister Oli's were normal, but this is what I got.  They thought they were so funny so they wanted me to keep them.
This next one is actually kind of funny. We went up to a place called
Worsley and were calling by someone when a member approached us, so to
speak. We were crossing the road and a car was coming, so we stopped.
They stopped and motioned us across. We started walking  and I waved
to say thank you and the driver honked at us and rudely gestured for
us to hurry. I was appalled and thought that was so rude! He then
yelled out of the car, "those Mormons! Always getting in the way!"
Then I was like, "wait a minute.." I have only been here for a couple
of weeks so I haven't met everyone yet, but I concluded through
deduction that this man was a cheeky Englishman and member of our
church that was just pulling our leg.

He then pulled over and started talking to us and told us to call by
pretty much everyone he knew in the neighbouring streets. I think we
contacted 6 referrals in the space of an hour. He also suggested that
we tract a specific street, so we did and we found a few people but
particularly a family! They are not Christian but have a religious
background. We taught them about the godhead and prayer and one of
their friends that was there when we visited was very receptive to the
spirit and loved when we said the two prayers. And the member offered
to give them a lift if they are interested in coming to church. Boom!
We have another family that we are teaching and they've come to church
for the last two weeks, so things are looking good! They both prayed
for the first time yesterday and the boy said, "please bless us that
we can continue to have these meetings because I really like it..."
(Meaning the missionary discussions) They are still a little insecure
but they are so sincere in their prayers and in Reading the Book of
Mormon. They are so good and sister Oli and I think they are the
biggest miracle for the Swinton area this transfer.
Such a good week! I love you all and hope your week is good as well
and everyone is excited for starting school again!
Love, sister Christensen

I fell up the stairs getting on the bus...I keep damaging the same knee!

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