Saturday, August 22, 2015

District Meeting
 We have had  wonderful week! I'll just go through the days:
Tuesday: we were calling by less active members and tracting in the
area and were invited into two homes of two families. One family is
from the Republic of the Congo and the other is from an island In the
Indian Ocean. Two miracles just like that! In the words of sister oli:

Thursday: we get off the bus and a woman is waiting for the next bus
and keeps smiling at us but we start to walk away toward the home we
are calling by but I felt a strong impression to go back and speak
with her. She is atheist but wants to know if God is there. We gave
her our number but the bus came and we didn't get her number or her
address but she said she would text us. I thought that was going to be
it but sure enough, five minutes later we got a text from her saying
that she was really grateful that we spoke to her and she wants to
meet again. The address we originally were going to call by doesn't
Beautiful view
Friday: this day was really rainy and cloudy and miserable and I had
an attitude to match. All of our appointments had fallen through, even
our tea appointment, and I just wasn't having any of it. It wasn't
until later in the day that I was sick of myself and decided to say a
prayer for forgiveness and repent. We didn't get any new investigators
or anything like that but people were friendly and we laughed on the
door steps of friendly strangers. it was really funny, we got four
referrals right in a row because people would say, " I'm not
interested but you could try joe over there, he might be!" Good
neighbours looking out for each other.
Hugging the milk on the bus..or bringing it home from the Market...Love Sister Miller
Saturday: was amazing. Our tea appointment didn't fall through! That's
it. Just kidding! We went by two potential investigators and we got
into both homes! They are so receptive and invited us back! Sister oli
found both of them on the bus and one didn't speak hardly any English.
When we went by to her home, we taught her son and granddaughter and
they translated to her. The son and granddaughter came to church
yesterday and even though it was really different and new, they still
are interested in learning more! That is probably my favourite miracle
of the week.
Sunday: we had the two investigators come to church :) had an
appointment with another potential and she has such a strong faith in
Christ but is so open minded to other faiths. She wants to read to
Book of Mormon because she is constantly looking for ways to learn
more about her Saviour. She's not naive about it though, she is very
intelligent and recognises and follows the Spirit in all that she
We've seen lots of success this week, it has been great! I love sister
oli and we are having a blast together!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love, Sister Christensen
P.s. The son of one of the members (he's 6) was telling us about a
collection of superman DVDs his neighbour loaned to them and he said,
"we've only watched one of the [films] but so far it is my favourite."
It was so cute and funny.
Sorry the funny things are short, I never write stuff down and sister
Madsen was good at making a list of things.
Love you all!
Sister Christensen

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