Monday, August 31, 2015

Sleepless in Swinton
Beautiful English Sunset
This week has gone by quick! We went to the university museum in
Piccadilly, in Manchester last Monday, so that was really fun. I
talked to my district leader and one of the other sisters about deep
doctrine and people from the Pacific Islands because there was a
special exhibit on about Easter Island.

The next day we had a meeting that went a bit late so we had to move
one of our appointments. It was okay though. The meeting was really
good. We talked about purifying our desires and becoming more
Christlike. We watched a video of President Eyring speaking and I
loved what he said. He said that when we are facing something hard or
feel like our trials never end, to remember the Saviour. I've had the
opportunity to try this and it works! I immediately feel comforted and
that I am not alone in my trials. God is never far from us.

Our investigators are doing really well as well. We are teaching two
families and one came to church on Sunday! One of the girls came for
the first time but the other two it was their third time! They love
the Book of Mormon and they pray everyday. They love church and youth
and they are starting the recognise the spirit on their own. It is so
beautiful to see people become more happy as they discover the gospel
and love the way it makes them feel!
I love you all and hope you have a great week! I hope everyone is
enjoying their first week back at school :)
Love, Sister Christensen

So Tired!  Some days are just like this...

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