Monday, September 7, 2015


Me with my Brilliant Mission President
President & sister Ulrich
This week has gone by so quick! I can't believe it! This next week is going to go by faster..It kind of scares me. 
We've done so many things! We had a tea appointment on Tuesday- I ate so much I couldn't eat for three days-I kid you not.
The next day we went to the temple! It is my last time before going home. It was wonderful to go with the missionaries in my departing group and with President and Sister Ulrich. They are both fantastic!
We got out late and "had" to have a sleep over with Sister Madsen and Sister Arias. I love them so much and we had a blast with them.
A Britian Sleepover
We've been having a great week getting to know the ward more. Everyone has been on holiday until this week because school has started again. So people are inviting us to meals again. I love getting to know the members and hearing their conversions. They are all so stalwart and incredible people.
James was baptised on Saturday
James' Baptism
President loves them so much and was the one who got to baptise James. I love their family so much! They are such a miracle. I would even say they are the biggest miracle of my mission. Sister Madsen sent this to me last week concerning James deciding to be baptised, "He said he'd been reading in 3 Nephi 11, when the Saviour comes and visits the Nephites, and he felt something. Then he said that he heard a voice speak to him almost, and it said, "you were born into a Catholic family for a reason. Having this faith in Jesus Christ blessed you and your family so much. And the Lord isn't trying to take away any of that; but now, He's shown you and your family more, and it's up to you to make the decision to follow him." In that moment, the spirit literally filled the room. Perhaps some tears escaped from James, Jane, and I as he shared his experience. He gets it, exactly. We don't come to tear down what others believe in, but like Joseph Smith said, we invite all to bring whatever they have that is good, whatever they have that is true, and test our message. Add to what they have. And James fits this statement perfectly."
The Blunck's--Greatest Missionary Couple Ever
Isn't that incredible? wow. Jane was also able to speak at a fireside yesterday. She was so nervous but did an amazing job. She is so lovely, I wish you could all meet her. This family has made a special impact on my life and I can't express in words the love I feel for them. They are amazing.
This House is ready to receive the Gospel, too bad no one was in...

I love you all. thank you for all your letters and prayers. I look forward to seeing you all soon!
Love, Sister Christensen


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