Monday, September 29, 2014

It’s just part of the Plan

This week has been so fun! Sister Sika hasn't been feeling super good this week, so we didn't work too much at the beginning of the week but for the few hours we worked on Wednesday, we got two new investigators with return appointments, handed out two copies of the Book of Mormon, made a return appointment with a potential investigator we weren't sure was interested, and had three lessons! I just love that we go out and do what we can, the Lord will bless us, he'll provide for what we can do.
Thursday we went to Manchester and had workshops for the difference skills we use as missionaries. It was so fun and very spiritually uplifting. President Ulrich had a section of his training dedicated to having missionaries share scriptures that have helped them when they felt like they couldn't work any more, that they had had enough. I was able to share Alma 26:12, 36. I love these scriptures where Ammon and his brothers had suffered so much affliction and hardship doing missionary work but he glories in God. He recognizes his hand in everything and has a real understanding of the grace and mercy that comes from Christ's Atonement.
After the workshops, I went on exchange with Sister Nelson. She's from California and is the second to youngest of five children. She is so fun! We had a great time working together for two days. It is hard sometimes to go on exchange, you have to get used to the other person and work with them, hope they know what is going on, etc. We had no problems. She is such a good missionary. She's very obedient and very sensitive to the spirit. The biggest thing I learned from her is to look to people to learn from them but not to look at them and compare yourself to them. She helped me feel more confident in what I could do. 
Whilst we were on exchange, we got a little tied up. We were late coming out of a tea appointment, so we could no longer do our evening plans. So we sort of talked about it and decided to go call by a potential investigator named Clair. I was worried because it was dark and kind of late, I didn't want to make her no longer interested in the church. But we knocked her door and she let us in! We had a great conversation with her about her children and her mother that had passed away. We taught her a little of the Plan of Salvation and she went from saying she didn't like organized religion to committing to come to church on Sunday. She didn't come yesterday but we visited her again and she's committed to read the Book of Mormon. She's so cute, we were teaching her and she committed herself to do it. We didn't really commit her to do it. She is so good. I love watching the Spirit work with people the way it has worked with her and her family.
I love you all and hope you have a great week! The Church is true!

Love, Sister Christensen
Splits with Sister Nelson

Monday, September 22, 2014

Blackberry Picking
Shrewsbury District
In England (or at least in Stafford) they have blackberry bushes on the side of the street, just growing naturally. You can go and pick them and eat them, no problem. So sometimes we do! I have notice that the bigger and juicier the blackberry looks, it is actually more sour, and that the smaller ones are the sweetest. So it appears to be with missionary work recently.
We have been doing lots of finding this last while and when we think we've had a huge miracle, it never really works out. But when we have just a little miracle it becomes sweet. Also, when we have such big disappointments, it makes us appreciate those little miracles so much more.
Lost in Canneck Chase
On Saturday, we were doing finding and couldn't find anyone! On the way back home for tea, we thought we missed the bus so we headed toward the main road for the other bus stop and the out bus passed right by us! (that always happens) It was good though because whilst walking to the next bus stop we met a girl named Tegan.  She stopped and talked with us and is coming to church this Sunday! Such a miracle! 
It just made me think of Elder Ballard's talk about the flecks of gold. The little things add up to bigger things. (Alma 37:6) I truly believe that Heavenly Father will not give us more than we can handle but that he will definitely gives us exactly what we need to become the sort of person he needs us to be. He will also give us just the right amount of encouragement to keep going. 
Sister Dowd on Etsy @Donna Art
I love England! I love being a missionary! I know that the church is true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I love you all and hope you have a smashing week!
Love, Sister Christensen

Playing tennis with Michael before he moved to Birmingham


Monday, September 15, 2014

Changes lead to growth...
Beautiful sisters who love serving together
This week has been great! It was transfers, so things got a little moved around. We are now in a totally different district and lots of missionaries got moved around. I'm excited though, because it will be fun to get to know and work with more missionaries.
I feel so blessed to be serving in England right now. I feel like I get more than I deserve. I have seen so many miracles in my first 6 months and I feel like I haven't done that much to deserve it! I have served along side some of the most amazing people I've ever met in my life. They face unfaceable odds with unwavering faith; both the saints of England and the missionaries. This mission is full of stalwart people who will change the world.
Thanks you to everyone who has prepared me to come and supported me whilst I've been on my mission! I love you!

Liz, my recent convert in my first area, told me that I am cheeky and the funniest American she's met. So, I think my letter was a little cheeky that I wrote home but I'm glad Jacob made it fun for everyone. Liz thinks we are related through the Cardwell line.  Check into that dad.  I love Jane Eyre! I am glad you watched it. One of my favourites! I saw someone in my last area this past week and we got talking about Austenland. I can't remember if you thought it was as funny as I thought it was but it was good to just have a laugh and talk about movies! No one loves quoting movies as much as me and Jakie-poo. 
Truman’s the sweetest, except that one time he punched me in the face. Happy Birthday Truman! I'm glad to hear you had such a great week! Sounds like everyone is having tons of fun!

I love you!
love, Sister Christensen

covers we made for our planners out of textured wallpaper

Cayleigh, our ward to Scotland for University

Monday, September 8, 2014

Just a short note…& a Miracle

This week has been great. We have been traveling a ton. We went to Manchester on Tuesday and Sunday and over to Wellington on Wednesday and Saturday. I loved all the meetings. I learned so much and I feel so determined to work harder and really make a difference here. I love being a missionary! I love seeing all the miracles.
One miracle that happened this week is that we were going to have our recent convert speak at the fireside we had last night but he was going out of town and couldn't come. So, because he couldn't come, we wouldn't be able to go either. Randomly, we decided to ask one of our other investigators to come. He said yes and we were able to go! It was really inspired though because He has been struggling to get the spiritual side of our lessons but I think he benefited a lot from the testimonies that were shared and he will be much more eager to learn more.
I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Christensen

Monday, September 1, 2014

Work Hard!

This week has been busy! And it is only going to get busier! Time is just flying, I can't believe it. It doesn't feel like I've been in Stafford for 5 weeks already!
I just want to start off with opposition is real! But it is good because just as there is an opposition to all good things, there is an equal opposition to bad things (if not greater/stronger opposition to bad, if you are on the Lord's side.) Newton's third law tell us that to every action there is an EQUAL and OPPOSITE reaction. 
We were on a spiritual high from last weeks baptism and it feels like everything up to this point has been effortless. The start of the week was a little rough because of our plans falling through but we adjusted and worked! We had a really uplifting training on Wednesday that really motivated us to set our goals high and raise our expectations. In Preach My Gospel, It says that when we lower our expectations, our effectiveness decreases. So we must raise our expectations so that our effectiveness will increase! We ended up being able to find five new people to teach but have to work hard in order to help them come to church, have all the lessons, and prepare to make promises with our loving Heavenly Father.
Last Saturday we had three solid lessons set up and were so excited to teach those three people. All of them fell through! Not one of those lessons happened. Luckily, though, we had some good back-up plans. Tracting. I was tired and feeling a little under the weather and disappointed that none of the lessons worked. But Sister Sika was fired up and determined so we went and we knocked that first door and two boys answered and we were able to teach them! They were so interested and asked us a lot of questions, so we set up a return appointment to share more with them!
Later that same day, we went to call by a potential investigator when his parents answered the door. He didn't come to the door but we taught his parents and we were able to see the Spirit touch their hearts. 
I think what I have learned the most this week was that even though we make appointments and have set plans, Heavenly Father has greater plans. He knows what we need to be doing and where we need to be. Sister Sika and I studied this week about finding people and there is a quote in Preach My Gospel that says "You need to do everything you can to be placed in the path of those who are prepared to receive the gospel." Wow. I have been praying the whole time for prepared people to be placed in my path but now I know that I need to be place in their path. I need to be where they need me to be. God has prepared a way for them to find us, we need to follow his direction to make us findable!
I hope you all have a fantastic week and know that I love you so much!
Love, Sister Christensen