Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hey! I'm here and I'm safe! I'm tired and want a shower, but fantastic! The flight landed at 6:20 in Manchester, so 12:20 ish in Salt Lake. I ran into so many people I knew or knew me on the way over here! I ran into Diane and Sister Moffat and her daughter (the bishops wife in the 14th ward), I ran into Laurel Galli's sister in Atlanta, Hannah I think is her name; you might get an email from her too. And Sister Stephens, the medical director’s wife, is in Kristin's ward. It was so crazy that I was no where close to home and kept running into people who knew who I was! I think I'm the new celebrity missionary ;) I was the only sister the whole way to Manchester until we picked up the people who came from Chicago instead of Atlanta. It was me and two elders. Then we met up with five other elders in Atlanta. We picked up two elders and three sisters in ManchesterEngland is beautiful and very green! You'll probably be getting a couple of emails of bad pictures of me :P But anyway, I loved everybody’s notes!  Amelia: your drawing was funny but totes inappropes. I love you all and I will be emailing again next Wednesday!!
Love, Sister Christensen

Sister Stevens and Sister Christensen

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