Monday, March 9, 2015

I Love to See the Temple

Sister McDonnell, Sister Pong, Sister Christensen

Congratulations to Jacob for getting called to the Armenia Yereven Mission! That is so exciting!
Well, this week has been amazing. I am still meeting so many new people and getting to know the area. 
The Congleton District

Our District leader didn't like the name of our District so he renamed it the J. Lunnche District
by mixing up all our surnames

I got to do lots of driving this week! I drove to both Chorley and Manchester. We went to the temple on Wednesday, which was amazing! I loved it :) and we went to a meeting in Manchester on Friday, which was really fun as well. Sister McDonnell and I had to give a training on Ministering and Administering and how we need to follow the Saviors example when leading. I love how the Savior leads by giving others the opportunity to lead and learn for themselves. He serves them and encourages them and lovingly corrects them in order to help them better reach their potential.
We have an investigator that we have had trouble seeing over the last couple of weeks and we were able to see her twice in the last week! She is incredible and everything just makes sense to her. Like when we talk about repentance and baptism and asked her if that is what she wants in her life, she says, "Why wouldn't I want that? Who wouldn't want that?" She can see how clearly it can help her and her family to be happy and move on with their lives. 
The Atonement is real! It is a miracle that I am privileged to see almost daily as people make those little steps toward accepting Jesus Christ more fully in their lives. 
I love England! I love being a missionary and I love the gospel. It's true.
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 

Love, Sister Christensen x0

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