Monday, July 27, 2015

Last Week's letter..the computer shut off right before I sent it...ugh!

Hello! I can't believe that Jacob is now on his mission! That is so
crazy. He is so grown up.
We have had such a busy week this week! We went up to Lancaster on
Tuesday to join the missionaries up there for District Meeting because
we were going on exchange with the sisters right after. It was a
really good meeting about involving the ward council and members in
missionary work.
Afterward, we started our exchange and I stayed in Lancaster with
beautiful Sister Hall from South Africa. She was so patient with me as
I exclaimed to her the whole time about how beautiful I thought
Lancaster was. I've always wanted to serve there but going for a one
day exchange was good enough ;)
When we exchanged the next day, I came back to an ill companion. Poor
Sister Madsen :( she worked through it though. We had a busy day and
she was so funny! She would tell people that it was just bad hay fever
so they didn't avoid her like the plague. I'm like, "you're going to
make everyone sick!" and she said, "but I don't want to be alone!"
The next day we were off to Manchester for the day! Thought we'd take
a day off ;) just kidding. We helped a sister who has been ill to take
her luggage to the Mission Home. She is so sweet and I hope she is
able to return soon.
It's been a great week, lots of miles, but we've had a blast!
I love you all! I hope Jacob has a good first week at the MTC! and I
hope the rest of you have a smashing week!
Love, Sister Christensen

for funnies:

We were at a member's for tea, and as part of the lesson after, we
shared a 4 minute video about the first vision. towards the end, right
when Joseph is getting his answer, their 5 year old son was trying to
keep his 2 year old brother interested and told him, "if you keep
watching, a rabbit is going to jump out and kill Joseph." HAHA what?
Later, in the same lesson, the 5 year old wanted to read a scripture,
so sis M picked one that related to the lesson in was really
long also. Halfway through the scripture, after trying so hard to
pronounce super big words, the kid says, "ah, I'm done with this", and
handed it to his 9 year old sister. "you read it now". the mum was
like,"who picked this scripture? what happened to 'my father dwelt in
a tent'?" haha they're a great family ;)

We were driving and this mum was pushing a pram (stroller) with a
little kid in it, and he was about 2 and so cute! So sis M exclaimed to
me, "look at the chubby little ginger with glasses!" and I was like,
"wait, are you
talking about yourself?" joking! haha I love her really ;)

I like to mess with sis M, esp when it's my car day. We were
walking to the car, and sis M was waiting for me to unlock it, and I
unlocked her door with the key, and left her standing outside! until she
begged of course. another day, she was inside the car and I'd gotten
out already and then I locked the car. and,there was no way to
unlock it from the inside. She kind of panicked a bit cause she thought I
didn't notice (but I did:) I'm sneaky)

This is Sister Madsen's favourite: so, we had just worked on one street,
and our plan was to street contact and then work on another one. Sis M
asked me how to get there, cause I had the map. I had used the map all
day so far and I said it was her turn to do it. She claims that she
always looks up the streets the day before so it is my responsibility
to manage the map during the day. (not true by the way, I always help
pick out the streets). so we are
throwing the map back and forth to each other,and she shoves the map
in my arm then runs away! Then I yell to her, "if you don't take the
I'm going to throw it in this bush!" She kept walking, and then I yell,
"I threw the map in a bush!" she laughed and turned around, and I'm
back there, standing with my arms folded. "I hope you save the Lord's
map sis C," she shouted back. then kepted walking. She's so mean to
me. I grabbed the map and followed her but I was stubborn and wouldn't
look up where we were going. So we walked down the street and she asks
me where to go. I say that I don't know. She sighs and takes the map
and ends up having to use it. Aha! Another win for sister C!

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