Monday, July 6, 2015


This week has been full of miracles. The Elders have been transferred out of South Ribble so we've been covering their area as well. It has been really busy but so fun and amazing. We had a lot of first appointments with their investigators and it was funny because they didn't know that sister missionaries even existed so they were all really excited to meet us. It made me feel pretty good ;)

We saw J twice this week but the second appointment was hilarious. She had researched the Word of Wisdom last January on and found out that you can't drink coffee so she stopped and switched to green tea. She knows now that that's not okay either and she is working on stopping. But we taught her the Word of Wisdom properly on thursday and we brought a young mum from the ward to fellowship. I was trying to get the point across that we should eat all things in moderation and I used the example of not eating loads and loads of carrots (just as an example) and the member turns to me and says, "Did I tell you about that?" she then went on to tell us that she had formed a crazy addiction to carrots, that she would go through the McDonalds drive through just to get a pack of carrots. She is so cute and it was so funny. It was really nice though, because it helped J make a friend and then she knew someone when she came to church! 

We also taught S this week and that lesson was a miracle. We walked in, sat down, started following up with reading the Book of Mormon and praying and he just stopped us and said, "I don't want to waste your time, I am interested in what you are sharing but I couldn't give up that I have to join!" We had a member with us that joined the church just last november and she told him about her process of joining the church and how it wasn't easy but she stuck with it and it has changed her life. There were a couple of things he didn't understand that we were able to clear up after that and he still wants to meet with us and learn more. I just have a strong testimony of having members come to lessons and also teaching to peoples needs, not just going with a strict lesson plan.
We received some assignments from the ward council to follow up with some less active members. We went by one family and it turns out that the less active family had moved 13 years ago. It was incredible though because just last week there was a terrible car crash on a country road and two young men were killed. This family who lived in the home we called by were one of the boys family. We talked to the step mum and a couple of her children. We had a nice lesson and she invited us back. I just think it is so lovely that Heavenly Father is so aware of his children and that he sent us to this family that has just faced this devastating tragedy. I always feel blessed when I can have even a simple conversation with someone who needs the gospel. I feel privileged that God trusts me enough to send me to those who are in need. 

I know this church is true and I am thankful for the gospel! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Love, Sister Christensen xx


for funnies:

J's 3 kids just are adorable. her youngest, G (4 years old) is always taking off our badges and putting them on himself. so, J told us that this week, they got a pretend credit card in the mail, and she saved it for her kids to play with. And James was driving, and he looked in the back seat, and saw G just holding this credit card against his shirt. So James is all, "what's that G?" and G says, "It's my magnet name!"...... Magnet name? what's a magnet name? thinks James. then G says, "My mormon magnet name!" He was pretending it was a badge! so cute. so a member made the kids laminated badges and they wore them at church and were saying, "look! I'm a mormon now!" It was the cutest ever. 

In the lesson that we taught J the Word of Wisdom, the member was explaining what fast and testimony meeting was like, and how some people don't give the greatest testimonies, but we still love them, and how other testimonies make up for it. "I'll sit by you and just look at you and wink if we get an interesting one" the member told J. J said, "no no, I'll avoid you like the plague at church or else I'll laugh!" 

At the end of the lesson: J was showing us a costume she made for G, who was going to be an Indian. The head dress had real raccoon tails on it. Whilst showing us, we were talking about how the american indians are descendants of the Lamanites. J looked super confused and said, "the raccoon's?" what? no! raccoon's aren't descended from Lamanites J! haha

When you are in a missionary leadership possition, you have the pictures of everyone in your stewardship. so on our wall we have all our sisters pics. on the Zone Leader's wall, they have all the zone's pictures. and sis M told me, "Man, my picture isn't good.... but that's okay... yours isn't either!" "you can't just say that about someone else's picture!" rude. 

we were driving to a meeting and something happened where we accidentally gave each other a fist bump and then screamed cause they're banned. 

we did service this week, and had to call the assistants to the president for permission for something else. Elder Wilcox is our pal, so we were talking to him for a bit, and told him about our day. I said, "I weeded by a tree...", but my retainer was in, so E. wilcox said, "wait, you did what by a tree?!" It was so embarrassing!

This was a while ago but sometimes sis M and I dare each other into awkward finding situations and she dared me into one and I walked up to this lady, got really frazzled and just gave her a website card telling her it talked about Mormons and stuff then I just waved and walked away. Really awkward. :/

There was a carnival in Lostock Hall (the little town we live in) with a parade and everything. we were driving and ignored the closed road signs, and got stuck at the end of the parade. haha, so we were in the parade, listening to primary songs and had our badges. Sis M gave the people the queen's wave. it was great. ;)

we were driving and sis M was on the phone with some sisters, and we were rushing cause we were running a bit late, and I was really concentrating on driving, and we went to a round a bout, and on it was a duck. Sis M loves ducks. So she just points and shouts, "a duck!" "AHHHH! not when I'm driving!" haha, I thought that I was going to hit it or a person or something.

Luff ya!

Cute Paula had us over for the 4th celebration.  She loves America!

Historic Brick in the Preston Chapel

Preston District

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