Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This week has been so good, I can't even tell you.
Tuesday, we were walking to our tea appointment and met a girl that is really interested in learning more. She gave us a referral on the spot! We gave her a short lesson and prayed with her and after that she kept talking to us and asking us questions. I'm so excited to teach her more.
We also taught one of the people we challenged to baptism last week. He is now dated for baptism! He had so many questions and he came to our investigators baptism last Saturday!
Wednesday/Thursday, we have an investigator that hasn't been progressing for months and strictly only sees the missionaries every fortnight. However, when we taught her, she recognized that we have what she needs and made an appointment to see us next week instead of in two weeks! Then we saw her the next day out of the blue and she told us that she really wanted to speak to us but was unsure whether to call us or not. We were able to calm her doubts about the Book of Mormon and help her be able to understand it better.
Friday, we went out for a meal with Sister Johnson because she moved away and a man came up to Sister Sika and I and told us that he sees us everywhere! He sees us walking, waiting for buses, and now in the workplace! I think it's a sign.
Saturday, we had a baptism! Michael was baptized! He was baptized exactly three weeks and one day after we met him and we were able to teach him all the lessons! He was so prepared to receive the gospel, I can't believe it! He was confirmed and was ordained a priest on Sunday and it was the most amazing blessing. I have been telling sister Sika how badly I want Michael to serve a mission, because he is only 18, and in the blessing it said that he was receiving the priesthood to prepare to serve the Lord as a missionary! I'm so excited! The Church is true!
Sunday, I don't know what it was, maybe because we had a baptism the day before but there was a special spirit in church the next day. The speakers were inspired. One of President Ulrich's counselors, President Dowd, is in the branch and he and his wife spoke about the restoration of the priesthood and the atonement. I loved something President Dowd said. He said, "You shouldn't speak because you have to say something, you should speak because you have something to say."  The Sunday School lesson was about how science and religion work together ( I loved talking on that subject :)) and Relief Society we talked about bearing each others burdens. There was a spirit of peace and unity in the chapel that day.
Monday, yesterday, it was the last bank holiday for a while and Sister Sika and I were able to attend the temple! I got to see Sister Hansen again and the Preston Temple is really special. I talked to another missionary who has been to a lot of temples, including the London Temple, and they said that the Preston Temple is a special place. I don't know, I've been able to feel the spirit there clearer than every before. I loved being able to go.

Anyways, I love you all and am glad to hear you had such a great week! Good luck with school and such. Have a brilliant week :)
Love, Sister Christensen


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