Monday, April 20, 2015

The week of weeks (not really but I like the way the line sounds)
p-day bowling
This week was great. It was one of those weeks that when you are in it it seems long but you look back and realized it went quick and you did loads of stuff.

We went on exchange with Rhyl and I got to do some lovely finding with one of my former companions! Sister Lever has grown so much as a missionary. She is a lot more confident in leading and is really good at following the Spirit. It was fun to get back together for a day. 
Sister Lever, my daughter 
The members have been great. It is so fun to get to know them. They love doing missionary work and it is fun for me to work with them and help them have opportunities to share what they know. 
Lizzy dressed up for church!
The greatest miracle of the week, I think, was yesterday. We weren't able to plan our Sunday because of lack of time on Saturday but we made it work. We went to church, came back for lunch, then we called by a member who lived close by, but she wasn't in, so we did some tracting in her area, met some nice people, tried by her again but she still wasn't in so we decided to call by two less active ladies that lived around the corner. That last sentence was probably really grammatically incorrect-don't have Peter read it. 
Sister Reed taking a selfie, while I am trying to get the GPS to work

But we called by the first lady and she was just on her way out. We made an appointment with her and then she went on her way. We called by the next lady and she said, "You're never going to give up on me, are you?" which we promptly responded with a "No." She replied, "You better come in then." We were able to teach her about enduring to the end and being truly converted, not just having a testimony. We committed her to retake the five missionary discussions to which she accepted. I felt an outpouring of the Spirit and of God's divine love for this woman. 
Sister Reed loves Disney Princesses

Even when the weeks are long, I find it is worth it just to have one person that I feel I have really helped. I'm really grateful for that.
I love you all heaps and heaps and hope you have a smashing week!

Love, Sister Christensen

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