Monday, April 27, 2015

Crafting this week
This week was really good. The weather was so warm! It got up to the low 60's Fahrenheit, or 20 degrees Celsius. So, really warm. But we had our first district meeting as the Stoke District! I was so stoked about it! haha get it? 
First Stoke District Meeting
We've been trying to get to know that ward better and do little acts of service to let them know we love them so we have been heart attacking their doors (steering wheel picture). It is so fun! We've totally been caught about twice, which was hilarious, but the members have loved it! A couple of them came up to us at church to thank us, which was really lovely.
I also had to opportunity to go on exchange with Sister Brill in Wrexham this last week. I got to go back to Wales! I loved it. Sister Brill is a sweetheart and we had so much fun together. She's Brill-iant ;) I hope I get to serve there. It is beautiful. I love Wales so much. The people are a bit nicer there as well, so that is always good.
Sister Brill & Me

I've had a blast serving with Sister Reed. It is so fun to serve with someone in the same group as me. We got matching bags with the UK flag on it because I was feeling a bit down last week and Sister Reed kept saying, "Wow. I've never done something so spontaneous!" She is always cracking jokes and she gets all of my movie referencing! We have so much fun. 
I hope you all have a great week! Love you loads!
Companion bonding time...

We Heart-attacked members of the ward

Stairs out of Order???
Love, Sister Christensen pastedGraphic.png

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