Monday, June 29, 2015

..To the Great Lakes of Cumbria from the High Peaks of Wales!
Lake Windemere
To sum up from last week, our investigators are incredible. They are all really progressing and the members are getting involved, which is a miracle to see them become more involved with us as missionaries and in this great work.
We went up to the Lakes last Monday, so beautiful and so fun! 

Preston District
We went on exchange with the Workington sisters and that was the craziest, busiest exchange I've ever had and it was over two days instead of just one! We literally had a 15 minute lunch break wednesday because a lesson went over :/ But I love it, I love being busy :) 
Something Sister Madsen does with her emails is send funny things that have happened in the week and I thought it was a good idea so here are just a few ;) :

We were street contacting and we walked up to this man who was waiting at a railway crossing, and he told us, "I'm in a rush, I'm gonna jump on this train." of course, Sister Madsen took it literally, and her mouth popped open, thinking this man was waiting to jump onto a moving train. haha, I likes to remind her of that one. 

When we go to see members, they often comment on Sister M's red hair and finally one member said, "why does everyone keep mentioning the ginger hair?" and one member told us it's cause prince harry has ginger hair. It makes no sense. We're still trying to figure this one out.

We called by a Potential Investigator and I said the prayer at the end of a short lesson on the doorsteop and I accidentally said, "...we're really grateful we were able to speak to Paul," and she was all, "his names Joe!" and my voice, "(dramatic and awkward pause)... I'm really sorry, I'm just gonna start over."

We went over to bishops last week, and helped them paint their daughters room. cute little Toby, his son, for the past couple of weeks has just been talking to his family about how he still wants to marry sister madsen. so now, they bring up "the backup plan" for if Toby doesn't find anyone who wants to marry him, he'll just marry sister m, and he blushes a bit and looks up at me... haha cute little kid.

Sister M likes talking with her hands and we were teaching a recent convert family on the first of June and sister m says, "happy june, everyone!" and the little girl copies her hand motions and says real slow and dramatic, "happy june...everyone" it was hilarious!

We were tracting, and I spoke first. haha, I got a bit tongue tied, and instead of saying, "this is my friend, and we're missionaries," I said, gesturing to sister m, "this is my missionary". she had to bite my tongue so she didn't start laughing! ;) 

We had a full mission conference, which was so wonderful. This makes 2 I've had on my entire mission, which is rare. super lucky. but, Sis M and I are just silly on our own, and when you put us together, it's even worse. so president stands up at the beginning, and he's like, "wow, you look so good!" (speaking to all of us). and then there's sister m, on the front row, and she says, "thank you", and president just starts laughing his head off. I love that man. he said, "she thinks I'm only talking to her!" we always joke about how vain we are ;) the Assistants to the President also were giving a training, and they said excellent, so sis M and I put our heads close together and started taping our fingers together with creepy expressions on our faces, and the APs gave a "what the heck?" startled kind of face. It was loads of fun. I loved it. 

After a tea appointment where we were fed a 3 course meal, and hated ourselves, I turned to sister M and said, "I am the fatted calf". (really hope you get this reference). 

We promised a RC that we'd make her cookies. when we called by to drop them off, she wasn't in, so we didnt' know what to do with them. so we tied them to the door knocker.
Hope something brought a smile to your face! love you loads and hope you have a stellar week in Sweden!

Love, Sister Christensen xx

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