Monday, June 9, 2014


Our dated investigator, Derek, came to church yesterday! It was such a miracle! We had someone go pick him up, but he was not ready, so they left because they were going to be late. Then someone we texted the day before, who never replied to us, picked him up. It was so important that he came to church because if he didn't, we would have had to move his date back again. I'm so excited for his baptism! He is so excited to receive the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood. It has been so great to watch how much he has changed over the past few months and the ward has been so supportive of him. I can't wait until Friday!

Sister Hansen and I went to the District Leaders Council Meeting last Saturday and we were talking about what we should do for Zone Meeting tomorrow. The theme is humility and how to overcome pride. A few weeks ago we were walking back to our flat and Sister Hansen was talking about the Natural Man and how we need to overcome that in order to follow Christ. I then took that and applied to chemistry, because that is how I roll. Then Sister Hansen told the zone leaders about it and now we have to give a training about how to overcome the natural man. 

We are trying to get some ultraviolet beads, the ones that are white and then change color in the sun. When they are white, that is the natural man. When they are in the sunshine and change color, that is when we overcome our natural state, turn to "the Son" and develop into whatever colour we were preordained to. It takes energy and effort to follow the commandments and change. 

I hope everyone has a blast at Lake Powell! Love you!
Love, Sister Christensen

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