Monday, July 7, 2014

The Spirit is Strong

This week has been so good! I went on exchange with Sister Clawson in Crewe this last week. When we got there we went straight to a tea appointment with a member family and that was so fun! I loved it because their family dynamic is so much like our family, so I instantly felt comfortable. The next day was the 4th and we celebrated by getting hamburgers for lunch :) A surprising amount of people wished us a happy 4th of July, considering we are in England...We talked with a man named A, and had a lesson with him. It was a miracle because he is going through a lot right now and was praying for help when we stopped him in the street. I love being a missionary! We were able to be guided by the spirit to first, stop and talk to him and second, to be able to tell him the things he needed to hear in order to believe that we were telling the truth and give him hope for his situation. 
We have two new investigators who really are amazing. We knocked on a door and we could hear a man inside say, "There's someone outside selling something," and a girl said, "go answer it!" and he said, "no, it's two girls!" So she answered the door and we said we were missionaries and she said she wasn't religious but then we started talking about what gives her hope and makes her happy and she started talking about her son. We told her that we believe that families can be together forever and she looked so happy. She said that she would love to have us come over again. We prayed with her and you could tell she felt the spirit. It was so good!
Later that week, we asked a man for directions and then stopped to with him. He told us that he is catholic but that he has been studying other religions recently. It was incredible because he is a teacher and very educated but he was humble enough recognized that we share a message that he can learn from. 
Church yesterday was so good as well. The people in the ward have gone through a lot this past year or so. I have never heard so many humble testimonies. Nobody talked for very long or said anything super powerful, but they shared their simple earnest testimonies about how faith is all you need. You don't need a perfect knowledge to be an active member of the church or have a strong testimony. Faith is the first principle of the gospel and is necessary before we attain any knowledge. 
I am so grateful that I have felt the spirit so much this week and seen how much it has blessed the people I have met. I hope you all have a great week as well! Love you!
Love, Sister Christensen

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