Monday, November 17, 2014

Wrecked in Wrexham

This week has gone by so quick! Time has just flown by. We went on exchange and I went to Wrexham (Wrecsam) with Sister Ryser. She is from Switzerland and we were in the same MTC group! She is so cute and I learned so much from her. We did a lot of finding together and were able to teach together really well. She is fearless! She isn't afraid to talk to anyone, she'll stop every single person and it was amazing because we found five new people for the Wrexham sisters to teach. 
Sister Ryser & Me

Sister Klemm, Sister Ryser, Sister Madsen, Me

Thursday we taught a member referral and it was incredible! My highlight of the week, definitely. This member, Emma, has been dating this man for a year and he would always ask her questions about her faith but wasn't religious. She invited him to come to church and he's been coming for over a month now and last week he agreed to take the missionary discussions. He had a good idea of what our church was about so, when we taught the Restoration, it wasn't really new information. We talked about Joseph Smith and he had seen the Restoration movie and something about it reminded him of a dream he had and he told us that that was an answer to him. He knew the church was true because of that. We are just teaching him everything he needs to know before he gets baptized! The Spirit was present in that lesson. It was such a privilege to have Emma show that kind of trust in us to teach the people she cares about!
With the Wade's,  I also made the scarf I am wearing!

There is also a family that is just reactivating into the church and we visited with two of the sisters and that was so good! They are really sincere about coming back and have such strong testimonies. One of them has a son that hasn't been to church since he was two but since they are starting to come back to church, he has all these questions about it and we are teaching him later today!
We went to Sister Calcott's home for tea this week and we showed up and her daughter is there! She has been less active for a while but has young children and wants to give them a foundation in the church. We were able to get to know her and teach her about how God is our loving Heavenly Father. That was also so incredible to see the Spirit work with her and her family.
Last miracle, we were walking to church and this girl passed us right in front of the chapel and we stopped her and taught her! She was on her way to work, so she couldn't come to church but we set up a time to see her again. Ah! I love being a missionary! I love seeing how much this gospel blesses the lives of everyone who will hear it. I hope you all look for opportunities to share your testimonies. I love you!

Love, Sister Christensen

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