Monday, November 24, 2014

Rocking around in Rhyl Town!
That Subject line makes me feel like a gangster. Probably because Rhyl is full of that kind of people.. 
This week has been Super Good. That's how one of the Zone Leaders say it. We went shopping for P-day in Wrexham with the Wrexham sisters because Sister Klemm is going home next week. I cannot believe how fast this transfer has gone! I feel like I just came to Rhyl.
Posing on the Beach

We went to a conference on Wednesday where Elder Dyches from the 70 came and spoke to us. He gave us little tips on how to work with ward leaders better and build trust and unity in our areas. It was good because he showed how the difference is made while working in the details. We should do little acts of kindness for the members just to let them know that we care about them. We should ask the Bishop his opinion of where we should go find or what we should do in certain teaching situation to show that we respect his authority and value his opinion. It was really uplifting and gave Sister Madsen and I ideas for what we can do differently.
Making Choir Practice more fun

We actually went to Bishops for tea this week and did service by making tea with his wife. It was so fun! It is called Tagliatelle. I'll email you the recipe next week, if I remember. Their kids are so cute, I've never wanted to babysit for anyone more in my life and I can't! Ah! I love Rhyl ward, they are just a big family and they make you feel like you are family.
We taught our investigator, Paul, last Thursday. It was so powerful. I felt like the Spirit was literally in the room with us as we testified of the power of the Atonement. He has been dating a member in the ward for the last year and decided he wanted to take the missionary discussions and guess what. They got engaged last night! They are getting married! It is so exciting! I feel like I'm one of the missionaries from "The District" (missionary teaching videos). Eternal Families! 
Shopping before Sister K goes home

I had to give a talk in church yesterday on Tad R. Callister's talk from the last General Conference. I was so nervous. I prayed so much that morning and when I stood up to speak, my nerves just left me. I don't know how well I did but I wasn't nervous at all! I just got up and talked then sat back down. I talked about how three major things mentioned in the talk were that children need to be taught 1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ 2. Meaningful Prayer and 3. How to Use Time Wisely. I then paralleled it with missionary work and how each of those sections are in Preach My Gospel then gave examples of each.
setting up for Christmas

I feel like I'm finally starting to feel like a proper missionary. Everything is a learning experience and the last 8 months have just been building on everything I've learned from home. So thanks mum and dad for being my prime gospel teachers.
I love you all and hope you have a brilliant week!

Love, Sister Christensen xox0

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