Monday, January 12, 2015


This week has been pretty fantastic. We went up to Manchester on Wednesday (Amelia's birthday) and had a meeting for Sister Lever, because she is finishing up her very first transfer. I loved it! It was such a good meeting. We practiced finding people to teach, did a sort of evaluation of this past transfer and the new missionaries shared their favourite miracle that they experienced over the last 12 weeks. We were taught by President and Sister Ulrich and the assistants and each other. It was very uplifting and boosted Sister Lever and I to go out and do the work with "gusto". 
Sister Lever and I have been working on being better at travel contacting, or finding people via train, bus, etc. So, I had a really good conversation with a man on the train to Manchester. He was atheist but I went around that by talking about family history, which wasn't too hard because he is from Lancashire, where a ton of my ancestors are from. That was really fun. I'm learning to do a Lancashire accent as well! So, be excited to hear it, eventually! 
On the way back to Rhyl, Sister Lever and I taught four more people, which is an accomplishment! Approaching strangers in a strange city, believe it or not, is actually really scary. But we did it and gave three of them a copy of the Book of Mormon, which made us even more excited to apply everything we learned that day in our own area.
We had some great miracles the following day. We were catching to bus to Prestatyn and met a man at the bus stop who actually approached us. His aunt is a member and he was checking if we were Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses. We sat with him on the bus and he told us how he had friends from a lot of other religions but he couldn't really agree with them but there was a vacancy in his life that he didn't know how to fill. He also commented on how missionaries from our church or members always seemed to have a better outlook on life, that we just seemed happier. We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked if he'd like to learn more, in which he readily accepted.
Paul, second from right, baptized by Emma's nephew on right
Emma is in the red coat,  Happy day!

Later that same day, we taught Paul, who was baptized last Saturday, and we had a great lesson on the Book of Mormon combined with prayer. We talked about how being a member of the church is a continuing experience of learning and teaching. We are all growing and all learning and the best kind of learning comes from our Father in Heaven as we study the Book of Mormon and pray to know of its divine truth. His baptism went really well. It was very simple and the Spirit was there. He was so happy! I love baptismal services.
I hope you all have a brilliant week and are enjoying the new year! Love ya!

Love, Sister Christensen

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