Monday, January 26, 2015

A Brilliant Week
P-day Selfies
Hello! How is everyone? This week has been so fun. We've been working in the rain and wind and seen lots of miracles and just crashed at the end of each day. I love it. I love our investigators, I love the members, I love being a missionary in Northern Wales. I could probably stay here forever. 
Oops!  Sister Lever spilled!
We had a crazy day on Wednesday. We pretty much scheduled to see everyone that day and were just rushing about but we had about twenty minutes to do some finding. We knocked some doors and the second door we knocked knew one of the members! She's Catholic but not really, like she was christened but isn't a church goer or anything but she invited us back! It was not an accident that she had been exposed to the church through a friend and we just knocked on her door!

We were waiting for a bus and this girl sits next to me and I ask her how her day has been, where she's going, etc. Then she asked me what I was doing in Wales if I'm from America and I told her I was a missionary. Her mum used to be a Jehovah Witness so she started asking me all these really good questions about what happens after this life and stuff.
We had tea at one of the members homes and we got to hear their conversion story which is amazing. It's hilarious because he met his wife (who was brought up in the church, active) when he was out having a drinking party of sorts and for some reason, she gave him her number. They got talking and she told him that she is a church goer and she told him all her standards and she didn't want to mess about. So, even though he was very atheist, he gradually became more and more exposed to the church through her. He asked her questions all the time, especially when he finally started being taught by the missionaries. He was baptised, then six months later they were engaged! Then six months after that they got married! I think everyone in this ward has the best conversion stories. It's my favourite question to ask them.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Christensen

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