Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year!
How was everyones New Years? I hope you all made some good New Years Resolutions!
To help me be accountable, I'll tell a couple of my goals. In our mission we choose two Christlike attributes to work on for the year. I have chosen hope and diligence. I chose hope because I want to develop an attitude to be hopeful and happy even when circumstances don't look good. I chose diligence because I don't want to get lazy! I want to have the attitude to work hard until the end. I also like in Preach My Gospel how it says that diligence is to focus your efforts on the most important things. For me, as a missionary, it is really easy to see what is most important because everything I do is measure and reported, like key indicators. When I'm not on a mission any more, it will require more thinking and prayer to know what is the most important. But yeah, those are two things I will be focusing on starting this new year.

Our New PJ's from Sister Lever's Mum
So this week has been amazing. I think everyone under the sun has been poorly this last week, including myself. We stop proselyting a little early on New Years Eve anyways but I was feeling not too good after we visited a member who is in hospital, so we were just going to go home after that. But we got back to Rhyl and decided to talk to everyone we could on the walk back to our flat. 
We stopped a man smoking outside his house and he quickly opened up to us and said, "I don't know why I'm telling you this, I feel like I've known you my whole life!" We went on to talk with him and invited him to learn more, which he accepted. 

Christmas with the Morris's
As we were walking away, about halfway down the street, he called after us and told us to come back. He said his landlord had seen us on the cameras and wanted us to come speak with him. He thought we were someone else but listened to us and we shared a Book of Mormon with him. He also accepted the invitation to learn more. 
Last, but not least, we met Nadia. A little background first. My companion has family from Liverpool, which is just across the bay from Rhyl, so a lot of people are from there who live in our area. Sister Lever loves liverpool! Nadia is from Liverpool. We stopped her and prayed with her and she got really excited and told us to come visit her. We introduced ourselves as missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which she hadn't heard of but she told us to visit her and her mum and said, "Just so you know, my mums a mormon." Sister Lever said, "No way!" and Nadia said, "No, no, she's alright, don't worry!" and we just laughed and said, "we're mormons!" then she said, "You're joking! My mum and I have lived here for 15 years and haven't been able to find your chapel!" It was crazy. We saw her again this last weekend and we shared a Book of Mormon with her, so that whole experience was really exciting. 
Great Ball with an Exercise Ball

With my two daughters

...and their grandma

We had a great week with some of the most spiritual lessons of my whole mission and miracles happened daily. I am so excited about missionary work! It is hard but it is so good! It is interesting because Sister Lever and I didn't have the right attitude the week of Christmas, so that whole week was a bit challenging but this last week we were just determined to talk to everyone and try to testify to as many people as the Lord put in our path and the difference is faith changing. I am so grateful to be on a mission and to be changed by the Spirit. "The Spirit combined with the Book of Mormon is the most powerful tool in missionary work!" 
I'm not even close to perfect but it has been great at this time of reflection to look back and see how far I've come. I love sharing this experiences with you and the people I serve with. I love you all so much and hope you have a smashing week :)

Love, Sister Christensen 

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