Monday, January 19, 2015

Rhyl Miracles

So this week has been so good! We started it well last week with Paul's baptism and one of our investigators came to a baptism and is now working towards a date to be baptised! We just had miracle after miracle of finding new people to teach, finding less active members who wouldn't have been found except for such coincidence!, and we had three of our investigators attend church this week! I don't know what it is like in other missions, but here that is a lot.
So, our investigator has been praying about baptism and Joseph Smith and the Restoration and had his baptismal interview with the mission president yesterday and it was incredible. It lasted for a couple of hours then President Ulrich invited Sister Ulrich, Sister Lever, and I to come in to say a prayer. I offered it and the Spirit that was in that room was so incredible. We didn't hear anything that was going on but you could feel it immediately as you walked it. Our investigator was so happy and so excited to ask one of the Elders to baptise him, it's the first thing he did walking out the door. It has been a miracle. Sister Madsen and I found him and then Sister Lever and I have taught him all the lessons and we've had amazing fellowshipping from the ward, he has progressed so quickly.
The next day we were waiting at the bus station and a girl that was waiting was just looking and smiling at us and made some small talk. Then another lady accused us of being police women and we're like, "No, we're missionaries." and this girl just smiled to us and said, "it's okay, I know who you are." We're like, do you? We found out that she's been less active for about six years and she is moving, so we got her number. If we hadn't seen her, no one would be able to find her because of her address and number changing. That was a miracle because you can see so plainly how Heavenly Father puts you in the path you need to be on.
We were a bit early to an appointment one day, so we did a bit of tracting and we knocked a door and this woman comes out with the cutest little boy I think I've ever seen. She told us he is her nephew and we got talking about families and the Plan of Salvation. She started out saying that she didn't have a faith in God and not being into religion then said we could come back and share more with her! I love when you can see the Spirit change peoples hearts right in front of you!
We tracted into another lady who knows the Bishops kids from the school she works at and she invited us back to share more. She loves working with children and told us about how close she is with her family and about her grandchildren who have some terrible health challenges and was interested to hear about what we had to say about how the gospel can bless her family. 
We taught a new investigator this week whose aunt is a member. We found him last week and he said there was a void in his life that he didn't know how to fill. He told us that he is apprehensive about religion from past experiences but we had a great lesson about the Restoration and he came to church on Sunday! He blended right in with the ward, they were so excited to have him and he has read up on church history so he was quite knowledgeable with Joseph Smith and the restored church, which we talked about in Gospel Principles class! 
We had a lesson with another one of our investigators and I think we just finally broke down a barrier, she completely opened up to us and we were able to address her concerns and she was also able to come to church! She loved it and said she's going to bring her son next week! Ah! She kept saying thank you for inviting her and the members came and talked to her and really helped her feel welcome.
Sister Lever and I were so excited to have so many people come to church, we were glowing on the way back to our flat when we met a man walking his dog who has a lot of inquiries about religion! We invited him to the Book of Mormon class in the middle of the week and church on Sunday and he said that he'll come! We got his number and asked if we could meet with him again and he said he could meet us at the church because he conveniently starts working at a place close to the chapel this week! God's timing and placement is perfect! Those are just some of the miracles! 
Sorry if this email is too long or boring but I just love being a missionary and I love seeing all these incredible things happen! This area is so prepared to hear the gospel, I can't believe I am so lucky to be here and see such growth in the area and in the people. 
I love you all so much and hope you have a brilliant week :)

Love, Sister Christensen

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