Monday, February 9, 2015

Well Good...

This week had been swell :) The weeks just fly by! We've seen lots of little miracles that have come just at the right times to build up my faith, despite the cold weather! 
It is funny because we've taught the Word of Wisdom lesson to people on the street a lot this week. I think the media has a lot of stuff about being healthy and the negative effects of coffee and tea. So we talk to people about it and they agree with it. It was funny because one lady said, "This religion is all about being healthy, isn't it?" I know God wants to best for us, just as a parents wants their young child to grow up healthy and strong, so does Heavenly Father desire for us to be physically and spiritually healthy.
We had an appointment with a family we thought was golden but they fell through and we had no backup plans for the evening. It was dark and freezing and I was not up for wandering the streets talking to people for an hour. But that's what we did. We met a teenage boy who totally opened up to us and we shared a Book of Mormon with him and bore our testimonies and how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed our lives and our families. We invited him to church as well but he said it started a little too early. We'll see if he comes one week.
We later met an older man who has recently had some family problems. He had lots of trouble with religion but we talked about Charity with him. He thought we were talking about Charities that collect money and how they are business and are corrupt, etc etc. But then we started talking about what they were originally and how we are all on a journey to become more charitable. We all really felt the spirit and hopefully we'll get to see him again in the coming week.
Also, miracle. We called by and were able to see the family that fell through earlier in the week! We taught them more about the Book of Mormon and testified of its truthfulness. They are incredible. The man is an atheist but has the desire to believe and the woman is a semi active member of the Church of England. She has been reading but he has a hard time getting into it, seeing he has no religious background. They have so much potential. I have never been so excited or motivated to see investigators progress. I just love them and I love missionary work. It is so fun and incredible! 
Everything is going well in Rhyl! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! 

Love ya! Love, Sister Christensen x

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