Tuesday, May 26, 2015

But we digress…

Sister Ranku & me
Whenever we get off topic in a training, meeting, lesson, or just conversation Sister Madsen always says in the middle of it all, "But we digress..." She is so funny. It is good though because then it gets us back on topic and we can get down to business.
This week has been quite an adventure. We went on exchange with the Preston sisters and I had the opportunity to go with Sister Ranku. She is from South Africa and she is hilarious. She doesn't like saying, "I love you" and she doesn't like hugs or touching at all. When ever I gave her a compliment she put on a very polite voice and said, "Thank you, Sister Christensen." I'd then awkwardly reply with.."No problem!" She is such a character. She has no fear and says hello boldly to everyone she sees but also really listens when people take the time to speak with us. I love that girl.
I got to give a talk on Sunday about being physically healthy and taking care of our bodies. I wonder if they could have picked a better person to give that talk... I think it turned out well. I just turned into a Word of Wisdom message and talked about the physical and spiritual benefits of being healthy and overcoming health challenges. 
We went to the temple yesterday! I love the temple. Immediately afterward we had a leadership meeting and we all got iPads! 
We don't have facebook yet but we have the gospel library and access to different teaching tools. It is very exciting! I got a really bad head ache from the training though. I've gotten used to not using technology for such long periods of time and I'm actually embarrassed for how much I have forgotten. I felt like an old person, I had no idea how to use different features of the iPad that I used to be able to. Oh well. 
I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Love, Sister Christensen

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