Monday, May 11, 2015

Luff ya!
Leaving Sister Reed
This week has been great! Transfers was Wednesday and we have been so busy from the get go. We went straight to a tea appointment then straight to a meal appointment.
Sister Madsen...round 2
 The next day we did finding and I met some more members. One of them reminds me of mum because she has beautiful blue eyes, her name is Christine, and she has the same sense of humour. She is lovely. She is a convert and was found through her daughter. She knew the church was true when she was taught the Plan of Salvation. She said she'd heard it before (even though she hadn't in this life) and it all made sense.
Skyping at the Blunks...Thank you!
The next day we had a meeting all day in Manchester, which was lucky because it poured buckets and buckets that day. We came back and we had twenty minutes left in the day so we went street contacting. I thought it wouldn't be that long so I didn't take my brolly. We stopped this lady who was out walking her bear of a dog and we had a long but really good discussion with her and gave her a Book of Mormon. We were out a bit longer than I thought we'd be and I got absolutely drenched in the rain. Sister Madsen said I looked oppressed. haha
The Shaw's have finished their mission
Saturday we just had a tea appointment, so the whole day was finding but it was so good! We found two families, gave out four copies of the Book of Mormon and invited someone to baptism! They said no but they invited us back to learn more! 
Sunday I got to meet the ward and they are all lovely. They are so welcoming and want us to participate and be involved in the lessons and things, so that was lovely. We then went to the Blunks for a meal and I got to skype ya'll :) it was so fun to see everyone!

We went finding with a member afterwards and had a discussion with a Jehovah Witness. Then we went to meet with the Bishop properly and I got to get to know him and his family. He is from Yorkshire and has a really strong accent. I love the northern accent. It is the one I can't do as well but I'm going to practice and I'm going to have one by the time I have to go home! haha
Elder Butterfield (on the right) has finished his mission
I love it here. I feel so connected to the ward and the area already. I can't describe the excitement I feel to do missionary work here! I feel like I'm on a search to find everyone in our family that didn't come over with the pioneers. I'm so happy to be here and I'm excited for the miracles Sister Madsen and I are going to see this transfer.
I love you all and hope you have a brilliant week ;)

Love, Sister Christensen

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